Community and Change Leadership Training*
+On site or live video workshop on community and change leadership
+Offer a platform for emerging leaders to connect with peers and mentors
+Provide concrete feedback and actionable strategies on community action plan

*Open to high potential leaders (e.g. Mandela Washington Fellows, Eisenhower Fellows, and emerging change agents)


Resonant Leadership Program
+On site seminar on Resonant Leadership for Organizational Excellence
+Lead your organization out of crises and emergency
+Implement followership in your organization to gain edge
+Create a shared vision that will sustain your organization after you are gone

Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program
+On site seminar on reinventing into your existing business for increased profitability
+Creating a culture of innovation at your company
+Developing leaders within your start-up for sustained growth
+Radical growth for your start-up through expansion


Customer Development for Start-ups
+On site seminar on entrepreneurial marketing
+Implement the 4 E's of entrepreneurial marketing
+Acquire early adopters for new products for sustained profitability
+Gain an edge by becoming a born-global business

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