Positioning Institutions for International Funding Opportunities
+ Administer on-site training on “Grant Proposal Development for International and Multi-Institutional Collaborations”
+ Identify viable funding opportunities for the participating institutions
+ Connect participating institutions with other institutions (in Africa and North America) for collaborative research purposes
+ Assist participating institutions develop Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with collaborators
+ Retain participating institutions in the IADE database to match for future funding opportunities and collaborations
+ Offer expert opinion on ongoing/potential proposal(s)

Enhancing Institutions’ Scientific Research Publication Output and Visibility
+ Administer on-site training on “Publishing in Reputable International Journals: Beating the hurdle of Local-Only Significance”
+ Connect faculty members from participating institutions with colleagues in other institutions around the world who are working in similar fields
+ Offer limited editorial assistance on scientific manuscripts for publication
+ Assist faculty members from participating institutions with the opportunity to exhibit their research in international conferences in North America
+Orient faculty members from participating institutions to international scholarship opportunities


Launching High-Impact Academic, Professional, and Certificate Programs
+ Administer on-site training on “Institutional Competitiveness and Programming for Excellence”
+ Uncover hidden strengths and unique opportunities of participating institutions to develop programs of excellence (e.g. academic certificate programs) or generate revenue (e.g. professional education)
+ Identify and train talents required to launch and sustain programs
+ Develop plan to fund and endow programs using external funding sources

Applying and Preparing for International Accreditation
+ Administer on-site training on “Creating a Vision and Pursing Accreditation”
+ Create an accreditation plan and walk through the accreditation process (e.g. AACSB and EQUIS) with participating institutions
+ Develop an institutional-wide or college-wide strategy to foster a culture of excellence necessary to maintain high standards and academic rigor

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