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The IADE AEP uses advanced technology to conduct holistic soil health and fertility evaluation to provide advanced nutrient management recommendations in any environmental and geographical settings.


The IADE AEP offers expert services on remediation of contaminated soils and reclamation of degraded soils, to put back futile soil and land resources to productive agricultural uses.


The adaptation of agricultural operations to the changing climate is important for sustainable food production and environment. Using proven and science-backed techniques, the IADE AEP is positioned to design climate-start agricultural programs in highly susceptible geographical regions.


Strong interactions exist between soil and water in the ecosystem, thus the knowledge of soil and water quality is vital for the sustainability of agriculture and for continued human existence. Employing modern technology, IADE AEP addresses soil and water quality issues and provide recommendations to enhance decision-making processes.


With water being the most cited yield limited factor in most part of the world, expert input in irrigation and crop water management becomes of utmost importance in food insecurity mitigation. IADE AEP provides the expertise for the assessment of crop water use and feasible irrigation systems to mitigate crop water stress for yield maximization.


The IADE AEP provides general expertise in the selection, establishment, and management of crops of interest to meet its potential within a given geographical and climatic boundaries.


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