The Journal for the Advancement of Developing Economies (JADE) accepts both theoretical and empirical works from multiple disciplines, with an emphasis on Leadership. There are no fees. Submitting and publishing are FREE.


  • First, please review the Styling Guidelines below and edit your paper as necessary.
  • After editing your paper, you should submit TWO papers, to facilitate our double-blind reviewing method.
    1. Submit one copy as you would like it to be published as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Title your document with the your paper’s title.
    2. Make a second copy, but remove your name, any reference to your institutions or funding sources, and any acknowledgments. If you cite your previous work, use ‘(Anonymous, YEAR)’ as the in-text citation, and in the reference section, please put “Anonymous. (DATE). Details omitted for Blinding.” Title this document the same title as the first one, with “-BLIND” added to the end.
  • Please submit both versions of your articles to Submissions@DevelopingEconomies.org.


  • Please use APA Style for all papers. Please see Purdue’s Online Writing Lab for guidance on APA style. In particular, please be sure to use proper format for citations, references, tables, and figures.
  • Additionally, please use American spelling conventions. A partial list of common differences can be found at Oxford Dictionaries. For further guidance, Microsoft Word also has the option to change the dialect in it’s Spell Checker.
  • Finally, the Journal for the Advancement of Developing Economies publishes papers from authors around the world. We understand that English might not be the author’ first language, and, where possible, will do our best to offer proofing and feedback to those who need it.